Lee Lockwood Library and Museum Fundraiser

The Lee Lockwood Library and Museum is having a book-selling fundraiser. We will be selling copies of several of Dr. James Carter’s books, as well as two different versions of Dr. William White’s book. Each of these books contain valuable and interesting information on Freemasonry and Scottish Rite Masonry in Texas. All of the proceeds go to the preservation and operation of the Lee Lockwood Library and Museum. We are working to make these available online for order, and we will have a table with these books at the next Waco Scottish Rite Stated Meeting (Dec 7).

In the mean time, if you wish to purchase any of these books you can contact:

Sam Moody

Brenda Light

Dr. James Carter

The First Century of Scottish Rite Masonry in Texas – Hardback 1st Edition $75.00
Masonry in Texas (3 Book Set) – Hardback 1st Edition and 2nd Edition $90.00
A Biography of Lee Lockwood – Hardback 1st Edition $25.00
(can be bought in set with Texas Scottish Rite Centennial for $40.00)

Dr. William White

Texas Scottish Rite Centennial – Paperback 1st Edition $15.00 
Texas Scottish Rite Centennial – Hardback 1st Edition $25.00
(can be bought with the Biography of Lee Lockwood for $40.00)

“Masonry in Texas” is a look at Freemasonry in its early years here in Texas as well as the United States as a whole. In the first volume , “The focal point is Freemasonry and Masons in the American Revolution and the revolt of Texas against Mexico- as well as the contributions of Masonry to law and society, for Freemasonry has been a liberal force that carries with it social awareness”. 

Volumes 2 and 3 take a deeper look into how the Freemasons have influenced education in the state of Texas.  Originally sold as two sets, it’s now being sold as one.
“The Biography of Lee Lockwood” is a look into Robert Lee Lockwood’s personal, professional, and Masonic Life. After reading this biography you will understand why he was so revered in Waco and Masonry as a whole.
“Realizing that 1967 would be the centennial of the organized life of Scottish Rite Masonry in Texas, Illustrious Sovereign Grand Inspector General Lee Lockwood conceived the idea of a grand centennial celebration to be observed by all Scottish Rite Bodies in Texas”. This book is a look into that year. It begins with the preparation and ends with an in depth look at the event itself.    
“The First Century of Scottish Rite Masonry in Texas” is an early look at how the various Scottish Rite Consistories came into being. This book is a must for anyone with even a passing interest in the history of Scottish Rite Masonry in Texas.