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2013 Waco Scottish Rite Charitable Foundation including Camp Success

End date 12-31-2013
Goal $1,000,000.00

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One of the primary goals of Scottish Rite Masonry is to fulfill the promise of additional Masonic knowledge through education and training. One big step in that direction is taking the Master Craftsman I program.


This is a correspondence course of six open book quizzes that enables a student to become better informed and more confident about the Scottish Rite.


The Program can be done on an individual basis or in group study.


The Waco Scottish Rite will take a combination of both approaches in hopes the two will help students become successful with completing the Program.


Getting Started


  1. Prepare yourself mentally to begin your study.
  2. Prepare yourself physically as you do not want to begin if you are experiencing an illness.
  3. Set aside some dedicated time each week to concentrate on your studies.
  4. Become familiar with the two books that are the basis for learning. The first one is the Scottish Rite Ritual, Monitor and Guide. The second one A Bridge to Light. Become acquainted with the Table of Contents and the Appendix as these will be important to you as you begin your work in the Master Craftsman quarries.
  5. Read and familiarize yourself with the questions in the quiz before you begin your study.
  6. As you begin to study the text, answer the questions in the text as you come across them.
  7. As you answer the questions, write down the page number where the answers are found. You may also want to underline the answers. Doing this will be beneficial to you later on.
  8. Study in your own way that is comfortable to you. Eliminate distractions as much as possible.
  9. Call a fellow student if you get stumped or confused so you can work through it.
  10. Come to Lunch and Learn prepared to cover the answers in the quizzes and to engage in discussions on essay questions.
  11. Stick to it. The rewards are rich and fulfilling with a broad knowledge of Scottish Rite Masonry that you will be proud of from now on.


The first Quiz is about Masonic and Scottish Rite Basics which will be discussed in detail at the February 19th Lunch and Learn. The goal for this date is to complete Quiz Number 1 and to put it in the mail to Supreme Council so they will be graded before we move on to Quiz Number 2 in March.


All questions can be answered by studying pages 77-144 and Appendix 1 on pages 1021-1029 in the Scottish Rite Ritual Monitor and Guide 3rd Edition. If you have earlier Editions the pages will differ slightly.


The goal is to have all students complete the Master Craftsman Program this year.


If you have not purchased the Master Craftsman Program it is available at the Scottish Rite Office.


The journey to complete this program is well worth the effort it takes to achieve greater knowledge.


Study Guides for Quizzes 2-6


Quiz 2 The Lodge of Perfection

Monitor and Guide, pages 183-376 for the 3rd Edition, pages 1-101 in A Bridge to Light


Quiz 3 Chapter of Rose Croix

Monitor and Guide, pages 385-484 for the 3rd Edition, pages 103-144 in A Bridge to Light


Quiz 4 Council of Kadosh

Monitor and Guide, pages 485-793, pages 145-281 in A Bridge to Light


Quiz 5 Consistory of the Masters of the Royal Secret

Monitor and Guide, pages 795-976, pages 285-312 in A Bridge to Light


Quiz 6 Scottish Rite Honors

Monitor and Guide, pages 985-998


*If you have earlier editions of the Scottish Rite Ritual Monitor and Guide the pages required for study will differ than listed above.